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     Welcome to FINAL FANTASY REFLECTION! FFR is a rating community where you have the opportunity to be stamped as a Final Fantasy Character by other livejournal users and obtain a stamp for your own userinfo page [ typical of rating communities, of course ]. However, this community is slightly different from most. Here, we stamp you as any final fantasy character, but it is based entirely on your appearance. This is NOT a rating community where you would fill out an application composed of surveys and answers. Here, you post your pictures and a small description of your style, and that alone decides your FFR stamp. [ we were inspired by rpg_beauty and ac_shadow. ]

  1. You absolutely must place your application under an lj-cut.
    Failure to follow this will result in a removed post.

  2. Please have at least one clear picture of your face and one clear picture of your body.

  3. Be polite!! There is absolutely no tolerance for any kind of rude comments here.
    You will be banned for rudeness, no questions asked.

  4. To ensure that you have taken the time to read the rules, please put the word "reflection" in your application's subject line.

  5. Please vote for others even after you are stamped. You, the voters are the life of the community! :D

  6. You are more than welcome to reapply as many times as you like, if you think your look has changed. Please label your application as "Reapplication" and let us know who you were previously stamped as so we know not to vote you that person again.

  7. Please bold your vote when voting, it makes it easier for the mods to tally the votes. Don't know how? Then copy and paste this into the reply box and replace the "your vote here", with.. well, your vote!

  8. We will be sure to stamp you as soon as we can, but you cannont be stamped until you have at least three votes agreeing on the same character.

  9. OPTIONAL: Specify what gender you would like to be voted. It's fine if you don't, but then we will assume that you have no preference and can vote for either gender.

  10. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Have fun! :D

These stamps below are only examples of what you may recieve when stamped!

The Stamped List

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Enjoy and Have Fun! :D